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Q: Where are your trails located ?

    • MOTB is a brand new club, in a brand new area. We are working hard to developed a network of trails and road access. We do not have public trails at this time however we hope to soon changed that. If you have land you want to see trails on Contact and we will be glad to show you the benefits that happen when you partner with MOTB and OFATV.

Q: Where is the club located ?

      • MOTB was registered in Rockwood, ON. A center point for the founding members as we stretch from all parts of Halton, Wellington and Waterloo counties. We will be working primarily in these three counties with land owners, townships and local businesses to grow the sort of recreational ATVing.

Q: Can we ride on the roads ?

    • At this time there are no current bylaws allowing ATV/ROV travel on roads in Wellington, Halton or Waterloo counties.  MOTB will be working hard with townships to update and create equally beneficial bylaws going forward.

Q: How old do you have to be to ride an ATV ?

    • This is a multi part question/answer as it has varying answers depending on the situation. Below we’ll try to brake down all possible scenarios
      • Road Riding on single or 2-up machine – Operator has to be minimum of 16 years of age and hold a valid G2 or M2 license.
      • Off-road riding the drive must be a minimum age of 12 on an age appropriate for any OFATV trails. (Younger operators can be directly supervised on age appropriate machines on land occupied by the ATV/ROV owner.)
      • Any off-road rider requiring to cross a road way must be minimum age of 16 and hold a valid drivers licence of any class.
      • Any passengers on machines permitting more than one user must be minimum 8 years old, must be able to touch the foot rests on 2-up atv’s and must wear seat belts in SXS or ROV’s that have restraining devices.
      • ** A single rider ATV that has been modified to carry a passenger with a 2-up, aftermarket seat is not considered a 2-up machine and is illegal to have a passenger on road ways.

Q: Do I need a Helmet ?

    • All drivers and passengers require the use of a minimum DOT certified helmet on OFATV trails and Roadways.

Q: Do I need a license plate and insurance ?

    • Yes, to get your OFATV permit your machine must have a Green off-road plate and appropriate insurance.

Q: Where is my MOTB pass good for ?

    • Day permits issues by MOTB are only valid on MOTB trails, consequently any day permits issued by other clubs are only valid on their trails.
    • 3 days permits are valid on any OFATV trail under 19 clubs that belong to the Ontario Federation of ATV clubs.
    • Annual Permits are valid on any OFATV trail under 19 clubs that belong to the Ontario Federation of ATV clubs.

Q: What speeds can I ride at ?

    • Off-road speeds are determined by the land owners and club officials, unless other wise posted the maximum speed off road is 20 km/h
    • On-road speeds are as followers
      • Road speeds max 50 km/h or less means an ATV/ROV max speed is limited to 20 km/h
      • Road speeds that are posted over 50 km/h required ATV/ROV’s max speed it 50 km/h

Q: Do I have to stop for Trail Wardens ?

    • Yes, trail wardens are empowered with the same rights as the land owner, to not stop when asked can lead to trespassing charges and revoked permission.

Q: Can we bring Alcohol with us to consume at breaks or meal times ?

    • NO, MOTB and OFATV have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to alcohol. You will be asked to leave it behind if you show up with any beer, wine or spirits.  Alcohol and Power Sports do not mix.

Q: How do I join your club ?

    • You can purchase a permit at any of our club re-sellers or on-line and select “Mid-Ontario ATV Club” as your home club. This will give you access to attend our meetings and have a say in the future of ATVing in our community. Alternatively you can email for more information.

Q: Can I ride my 3-wheeler or ATV on your trails ?

    • No, 3-wheelers or ATC (all terrain cycles) are not classified as ATV’s or ROV’s in the highway traffic act or the Off-road vehicle act and are not permitted on OFATV trails.

Q: Can I ride my Dirt Bike or Dual Sport on your trails ?

    • No, Dirt Bikes and Dual Sport motorcycles although can be licensed and insured fall in different categories and are not part of the OFATV focus, there are many off-road or dirt bike clubs around that have places for you to ride.

Q: If a person owns more than 1 ATV, will they be required to purchase a second membership to have trail access for both ATVs ?

    • Yes, the trail access permit is only available with the purchase of a membership, and because the decal must be permanently affixed to an ATV to be valid, it cannot be transferred from one ATV to another. The decal is designed to go void as soon as it is removed.

Q: If I have purchased multiple memberships does that entitle me to multiple votes ?

    • No. 1 person is only entitled to 1 vote, regardless of the number of memberships that person has purchased.

Q: My ATV is in the shop for repairs and I have borrowed a machine from a non OFATV member friend, will I be required to purchase a day pass to ride OFATV trails with that ATV ?

    • Yes, your membership is not your trail access, and your trail access decal is not your membership, a machine without a valid trail access permit will require a day pass to be allowed on OFATV trails.

Q: If I sell my ATV part way through my membership term, is my trail access permit transferable ?

    • Yes, you may transfer your trail access permit to another ATV you own. You simply pull the decal off of the ATV that you are selling, stick it to a piece of paper, contact MOTB for replacement. For an administration fee of $12.00 you will receive a new trail access permit that has the same expiry as the void one that you returned.

Q: If my trail access permit peels off or is destroyed due to power washing, can I obtain a replacement ?

    • Yes, try to retrieve as much of the old permit as possible, stick it to a piece of paper, contact MOTB for replacement.  For an administration fee of $12.00 you will receive a new trail access permit that has the same expiry as the void one that you returned.