MOTB is more than just a community not-for-profit, as a club there are many things we do, but the big one is trails. After all it’s part of our name.

Our club is committed to making a local trail network for OFATV permit holders, yes we are a new club and only only Chuck Norris was able to build Rome in one day so please bear with us as things like this won’t happen over night.

If you want to learn more make sure you get in-touch with us, we are always looking for new members who are energetic and want to be a part of the future of ATVing in Ontario.

If you have a tract of land or trails you want to see insured, maintained and ridden by local riders please reach out to our trail coordinator

Some of the things MOTB can offer as as follows:

  • Maintenance
    • MOTB has a dedicated group of volunteers who ride and patrol trails on a regular basis, we are outdoor enthusiast and love nature. Things like garbage collection, tree and vegetation management and clearing are just a couple things we do every-time we ride.
  • Signage
    • OFATV has created a recolonized singe policy that will help standardize trail signs across Ontario, MOTB follows these practices and makes sure things like off limits areas like wetlands and private trails are well signed, also posting where riders can access enmities like fuel, food, lodging etc. It’s easy to get lost when you are focusing on riding but we will ensure you always know where you are with proper information along the trails.
  • Insurance
    • Being a part of OFATV we have a federation of 19 clubs behind us, this allows us to provide the best possible land owner insurance in the industry, this insurance policy covers all types of land use not just ATVers and adds $15 million of liability to your shared land with us.
  • Land Access:
    • The land owner reserves the right to limit land access, and many clubs have trails that close for hunting seasons, or winter in general. As a part of OFATV Mid-Ontario Trail Blazers makes trails for vehicles 65″ in width max. This helps prevent off-road vehicles like Jeeps and 4×4 trucks accessing trails designed for lighter, smaller, dedicated recreational vehicles. In some cases land owners have prevented SXS’s/UTV’s and ROV’s from access. Only allowing straddled machines and we can accommodate that request, however with the shift in the ATV industry seeing more sales of side-by-side machines we encourage equal trails where possible.

If you have any future questions please feel free to contact is at or come out to one of our meetings. New members always welcome !